Noor Din—CEO, Human Endeavour—talks about United Way’s strategic investment in agencies across our region.

$88-million investment

In collaboration with agencies and community, United Way has strengthened its funding model, investing in people and places that are most affected by poverty. A record $88-million investment in anchor and partner agencies across the region and also new agencies that are helping to fill the gaps on emerging issues.

It is the first time in a decade that United Way is funding new agencies, and Human Endeavour is one of them. Sixty-five percent of the investment will target underserved inner suburbs of Toronto and York Region, where poverty is deepening. Thirty-five percent will continue to fund downtown Toronto agencies that are providing critical services.

So, at Human Endeavour, we have a program called HOPE—Healthy Outcomes of Preventive Engagements. It supports over 700 seniors across York Region at eight locations through weekly wellness programs and activities. It reduces their isolation, improves their sense of belonging and keeps them healthy.

So, together, we are strengthening the sector with closer relationships between agencies and an Anchor Agency forum that encourages the sharing of new ideas and best practices.

We are ensuring, wherever you are, you have access to services close to home.

  • 65%
    of the $88-million investment targets underserved areas in Toronto’s inner-suburbs and in York Region, where poverty is deepening.

  • 35%
    of the $88-million investment continues to fuel downtown agencies that provide critical supports.

  • 62
    anchor and partner agencies are funded across Toronto and York Region.

  • 29
    new agencies (offering 46 new programs) are funded, helping to fill gaps on emerging issues.

  • 81%
    of youth who enrolled in Career Navigator™ (an education-to-employment pipeline) successfully completed post-secondary training and achieved industry-recognized accreditation since 2015.

  • 1,938
    youth enrolled in netWORKS (a networking and mentoring initiative), while 14 employers hosted 45 networking sessions and provided various supports to youth since 2015.

  • $2,372,177
    has been allocated through Youth Success Program Grants to-date. These grants fund agencies with proven or promising employment programs designed for youth.

  • 137,000+
    shelter spaces were provided to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

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