2019-2020 Annual Report

Building on Insights

United Way research unpacks the income gap and what it means for access to opportunity here in the GTA.

Successful strategies and informed solutions start with deep understanding of the issues

Over the past while, United Way’s research has focused on the themes of job precarity and inequity—growing trends that are ravaging our community. Our third installment unpacking the income gap and its negative impact on access to opportunity in the GTA, Rebalancing the Opportunity Equation, looked at income trends over the past 35 years, as well as income gaps by age group, immigration status and race. The findings, profiled in respected journals like Policy Options, paint a bleak picture for young adults, immigrants and racialized people—the same groups who are at the greatest risk of falling deeper into crisis now. By outlining actions for all sectors to lead in addressing equality and improving access to opportunity, the report offers a practical roadmap forward.

The National Housing Collaborative
This collaborative was not only effective—informing the National Housing Strategy—but also blazed new trails in community consultation and partnership. With National Housing Collaborative: Reflections & Analysis of a Process, we’ve shared that collaborative model to help kick-start inclusive change on a host of #UNIGNORABLE issues hurting our community.

Homelessness Solutions Lab
Our broad-based efforts to make headway on the intractable issues of affordable housing and homelessness continue, most recently with a new venture: the United Way-Odette Foundation Homelessness Solutions Lab. Bringing together the best and brightest minds in the field—service providers, academics, government partners—we’re uncovering and sharing best practices, including enabling Indigenous-led solutions for Indigenous homelessness. And, crucially, we’re galvanizing a systemic shift in action that moves us beyond managing homelessness—to ending it.

Help Wanted: Modernizing Employment and Skills Training Services in Ontario
When the provincial government signalled its intent to overhaul the employment, education and social assistance systems, United Way put up its hand. Partnering with the Toronto Region Board of Trade and the Metcalf Foundation on Help Wanted: Modernizing Employment and Skills Training Services in Ontario, we offered guiding principles and initial recommendations that serve as a constructive dialogue and demonstrate our commitment to joining forces with government in aligning skills and training with today’s employment opportunities.

National Housing Collaborative

12 partners

4 recommendations

1 strong voice

Homelessness knows no bounds


of respondents surveyed on use of emergency shelters experienced homelessness in more than one region in the GTA


Up to 60% of Canadian employees experience skill mismatches